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Currently, all bookmakers use mirror sites. They are created in order to protect themselves from blocking the main site. Such blockages occur regularly for all companies, as the regulation of online casinos varies in different countries. Therefore, periodically the sites of betting companies are inaccessible to residents of certain regions. In order not to lose money and users' attention during such blockages, mirrors are used — exact copies of the main site on which customers can safely continue using the company's services.
Mirrors also allow you to unload the load on the servers, since each such copy site is located on a separate domain. Therefore, you can also notice that sometimes when you click on a link from one section of the site to another, the url of the link changes, prefixes, endings or just random sets of characters are added to the main name. Do not be afraid of these changes in the address if you switch between sections inside the site. Also, if the link you used to find the bookmaker does not work, you can try to find it by searching for “pin up online india mirror". In this case, the search engine will give you the necessary mirror copies of the site.
The mirror system is always extensive and includes several domains. It is thought out at the stage of creating a betting company, as it is a necessary element of it. At the same time, transitions between slot pages always remain safe and even invisible to the user. You don't have to register on each such site — they are completely synchronized and have a common database, despite the different domains. During the transition, the account parameters, the betting history, the main and bonus balance are saved.
This is related to the main rule of using mirrors — never enter your authorization data again. Casinos and sports betting are a financially profitable area that is used not only by official bookmakers, but also by small scammers who try to extract personal benefits from someone else's work. It is often in the field of online gambling that thefts of accounts, personal data and bank accounts occur.
On the page of an already experienced profile in an Indian pinup casino, personal data about his name, surname, age, bank card data or other financial payment methods, as well as photos with documents that are necessary for verification are stored. Obviously, all this remains inaccessible to the eyes of other users, and the site administration itself also does not use this data outside of its responsibilities for financial transactions and identity verification. However, if such a user inadvertently ends up on a fraudulent mirror site and enters the pin up login and password from his account there, all this data may be stolen. Scammers will simply log into the profile on the official website, change the password, and use all the information they receive to extract financial profit.
Newcomers who have not yet managed to provide all the information about themselves on the official website may also be deceived. If, out of ignorance and inexperience, they take a fraudulent website for an official one and go through the entire registration and verification process there, then scammers will not even have to hack an account with a real bookmaker. They will have all the data already.
Do not confuse the operation of mirrors with a kind of fraud – phishing. In the latter case, the scammers copy the site, place it at another address in order to seize the personal data of customers. At the time of the creation of the "fake" site, the attackers – unlike the creators of its mirrors – do not have a database of users. Eminent foreign casino operators do not abuse the creation of mirrors, striving to act openly, strictly observing national legislation in the field of gambling. Usually their reputation is at stake, which is simply priceless in the gambling sphere.
Be careful when using mirror sites, follow links only from the main domain and do not re-enter your data without making sure that you are not being deceived. This way you will be able to secure your money and accounts and continue to safely enjoy aviator pin up betting and pinup 777.

How to bypass blocking

● The official app – If the games slots where you play offers to download mobile software for Android or Windows, that's great. Install the app and forget about the locks once and for all;
● Notifications from the club – it is usually suggested to subscribe to the mailing of letters during registration. In the future, you will learn about working mirrors by email and you will not have to search for them yourself.;
● Tor is a special browser that needs to be downloaded and installed. It allows you to access any blocked sites, but more importantly, it preserves your privacy;
● VPNs work in such a way that traffic from your device will go a completely different way, so that the provider will not be able to block anything. Absolute privacy is a nice bonus. It should be noted that they may require a monthly fee for use;
● Browser extensions are plugins that need to be installed on a PC. They operate on the same principle as a VPN, but only within the browser.
● You can even access the sites added to the registry through translators. Try to open a blocked site using a Google translator, but the functionality will be limited there.
When an online casino closes, the player thinks that it just disappears, but in fact, it continues to work, just users are not allowed on this site. For the convenience of customers, many gambling establishments have acquired their own copies – mirrors. Alternative domains open access to a blocked site and you really won't have any problems with gambling for a while, but it's worth remembering that mirrors are also blocked, but new ones invariably appear in their place. A mirror is a copy of a blocked site in the smallest detail. The gambler will be able to log into his personal account without any problems, top up his account, get bonuses and launch his favorite games. In short, you should understand that nothing will change for you personally except the address in the browser that you will visit.